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  • "MailTime, a great productivity app for you to think about in your daily business."

  • "MailTime puts what we love about SMS in an email client."

  • "MailTime did a great job making it into a group chat which people are more comfortable with."

  • "MailTime makes emails more manageable, easier to read, and quicker to respond to."


Email Messaging

View your emails as conversations, not threads! Our content parsing engine cuts out annoying metadata to display emails in clean bubbles.

Communicate, Don't Organize

Our intelligent inbox sorts out the Important humans from the newsletters, discounts, and other machine-generated mail in All Mail. Talk to people you care about, not machine!

All Mails Important

Group Chats

Managing your conversations in MailTime is just like a group chat. To add, remove, or switch participants to 'cc' or 'bcc', just swipe left and change your participants' status.

Mentions People BCC CC TO FROM

One Click To-dos

Use the @ symbol to quickly assign tasks without leaving the inbox. For example, "@Charlie, Please download MailTime", will put the rest of that sentence into Charlie's Mentions list, just a swipe away.



Just like Twitter prevents you from writing more than 140 characters, MailTime alerts you if your message is too long. You can still send them, but no guarantees that they'll be read!


Life is too short for cluttered Emails

Have a good MailTime.